The Talent Fairy – Daniel Thrasher

Oh. My. Gosh. I think I found the Internet’s best video and it comes from a dude who popped up in my recommended named Daniel Thrasher. At first I thought, “Why would YouTube recommend me a pianist when I don’t even look up piano on YouTube?” Then, I finally tried one of Daniel’s videos and I wasn’t disappointed. 

Daniel Thrasher makes small little skits that revolves around piano and all things music. In his videos, he has sponsors, in which he also does little skits for (and they too are amazing, there’s one video where he makes two doves kissing in a heart out of balloons for the ad, Audible). 

The video I ended up watching first was “When the talent fairy comes”, and the thumbnail is Daniel, in a dress, holding a colorful umbrella, with a star at the end of the umbrella (don’t worry, I’ll attach the video). And where to begin with this video?

I wish the talent fairy was real and blessed me with talent. From the pink shades to the voice of the talent fairy, I wouldn’t be disappointed if the talent fairy was Cinderella’s fairy godfairy. Daniel, also, is an amazing pianist and after the talent fairy blesses him, the quick snippet of what he plays on the piano sounds great. But I forgot one thing.

The talent fairy has the smallest wings and the turn back from leaving also adds to the video. And what the talent fairy “blesses” Daniel with next is also very hilarious. I agree that once you find talent or get blessed with it, a few things come with too. For example, crippling self-doubt, yes. Currently, I’m learning to sing, and my voice teacher told me I sound really good. What followed after she said I’m good was, in fact, crippling self doubt. 

This video/skit never fails to make me laugh or even crack a smile. So Daniel, kudos to you, I’m now subscribed and I’m in love with every single video you put out, all of them are so hilarious. 

Another cool thing about his channel, which he has started to kind of get rid of (since of copyright and the evil demonetization) is something he called #thrashertalentshow. It’s where people post on social media a video of their talent, he selects a talent for a given week, and puts it in his videos.  I think it’s a really cool touch and I’m sad that due to demonetization, he’s stopped doing it.

If you guys have the chance, please go check out his YouTube channel. It’s really funny and the videos he puts out are worth it.

Here is a link to his YouTube channel. 

And here is the video, “When the talent fairy comes,” enjoy.