Volleyball Stars

Wanna be a volleyball star?

The following pictures will give you tips on how to be a better teammate and volleyball player.

My sister, Ana, and I made comments on pictures that our father had taken at PAC 12 games and various volleyball coaching clinics. We added short descriptions based on what we were taught by Trisha Kroll and Jenn Pritchard that describe what volleyball setters should do.

Setting Lessons in Pictures Tricky

This first presentation is about how deceptive setters need to be. It features Nicole Edelman from the CU Buffs and Lauren Plum from theĀ Oregon Ducks.

Setting Lessons in Pictures Hits and Misses

Sometimes hits and misses don’t turn out like they were planned. Nicole Edelman and Lauren Plum show how to deal with hits and misses in volleyball.

Setting Lessons in Pictures Out of System

80% of the passes to the setter are out of system. Nicole and Lauren prove that setters can get the out of system balls and still make a good set to the hitters.

Setting Lessons in Pictures Consistent

This next presentation is about setters and how consistent their sets and technique must be. Once again, Nicole and Lauren are the stars.