Jay Jay the Jet Plane

Recently I decided it would be fun to walk down memory lane and visit some of the past movies or TV shows that I watched as a kid. And yes, this blog, I’m deep diving into Jay Jay the Jet Plane.

As a kid, I watched this rarely, but I remember the image of Jay Jay and his friends so vividly. They were animated planes of different colors with some weird looking faces. As a kid, I never realized how scary the faces were on the planes because that’s not what you pay attention to as a child. Rather, I was focused on the bright colors and the plot. I decided to choose one episode and the one episode I could find was “Catch the Buzz”.

The Animation

Jay Jay the Jet Plane was created in 1998 and ran until 2005. IMDB reports that there were around 3 seasons and roughly 86 episodes. Yet, if there were 3 seasons and it ran for 7 years, why didn’t they spend more time on the animation? I understand budgeting comes into play but the animation is a factor that they could’ve spent more time and effort on. Some of the planes motions are downright terrifying to look at now as well as the faces. While making planes and helicopters more realistic is a cool idea, it doesn’t work for these planes. There’s something wrong about the eyes, but I’m not an expert on how to fix it, so I’m not going to suggest any solutions.

On the other hand, the animation was great for its time and the backgrounds of some scenes aren’t bad to look at. There are far worse animations than this one which is what is important to keep in mind.

The Messages

This brings me to my next point: the messages that Jay Jay the Jet Plane get across. In “Catch the Buzz”, Big Jake has a problem and can’t fly with Jay Jay. Jay Jay believes that Big Jake doesn’t like him because of the problem. Tracey, the pink plane, tells Jay Jay that if he was a good friend, Jay Jay would try to help Big Jake. While as a kid, I don’t remember comprehending this or even seeing this episode. This lesson though is such an important lesson that kids need to learn. If a friend is absent for a little bit or has to cancel on plans, they might have something else going on in their lives. Shows nowadays can focus on these topics, but nowadays focus more on potty humor, imagination, or controversial ideas.

The Songs and the Voice Acting

At first, I found some of the voice acting annoying, but after watching one episode I realized it was better to have funny accents than to have the same bland tone throughout. Therefore, I will say, that the voice acting is pretty great.

And while I’m not the biggest in Jay Jay’s songs, they are quick and simple for kids to remember.

The Rating

Overall, I give the Jay Jay the Jet Plane series a 5.6/10 stars. The message of the stories are good, the voices are great, and we, as a grown audience, need to remember that this show isn’t targeted at us. We have to look through a different lens and see how and why kids would enjoy the show.