Is Writer’s Block Good or Bad?

Over the past two years, I’ve been writing more short stories and poems. I’ve also decided this November, I will be participating in NanoWriMo for my third year. Writing is super fun, and I love to do it. I love making some new classic stories that people can read, analyze, and enjoy. But, the dreaded writer’s block has struck yet again. I scrap everything I write and I have no inspiration.

Which is why I’ve decided to write the pros and cons of having writer’s block. Is it good to have a break and find your inspirations once more? Or is writer’s block the dreaded thing every writer fears?

Pros to Writer’s Block

Last year, I had a really bad spell during my creative writing class where I wasn’t able to produce any work for about a month. I lost my mojo, I lost my creative spark, I lost the reason for why I write. I tried all the methods online to stop the writer’s block because I did need to turn in pieces. I couldn’t be completely empty. But through that time I did find some peace in having writer’s block.

  • Gives the brain a break
    • Let’s be honest, our brains sometimes do need a break from the creativity.
      Image result for george r.r. martin in a hamsterball
      Here’s looking at you, George R.R. Martin
  • Lets more creativity be expressed later
  • Prevents more pieces from being created
    • What I mean by this is that with writer’s block, you have more time to focus your energy on pieces you have. You can work on old pieces and edit them to perfection. What I found when I had a creative “brain freeze” is that I kept pushing out unnecessary pieces that made no sense. They were the same story but written very poorly. By not writing for a month, that prevented me from pushing out and creating the same story, poorly written, 5 times.
Cons to Writer’s Block

There’s only really one huge con that I can think of; I want to write! I want to be able to write stories, poems, and blogs! But, it’s hard when all my work ends up going to the trash.


Those are the pros and cons I can think of. There are definitely more than these few and I will probably think of them later.

I hope you guys have a great Sunday and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow for Music/Movie Monday!