The Direction I’m Going Now With This Blog

Now you see me… Now you don’t…


I’ve been trying to blog for years and nothing truly good ever comes to me. It wasn’t until recently when I realized my love for movies that I decided to change the direction on this blog and make my main focus reviewing movies. 


These movies may be good or may be awful, but no matter what, I will give you all the most accurate rating I can give. I will be using the star scale and making the scale be out of five, five being the highest a movie can go. 


So, when will these movie reviews be out? Sundays at 11:30 am, starting this coming Sunday, October 4th. 

Why October? I decided to choose October because I am in love with horror movies that some people might have not heard of. And what better month to do it than October?


Here is the schedule for when I will be releasing the spooky horror reviews:

October 4th

Teacher (2019)

October 11th

??? (a surprise!)

October 18th

Creep (2014)

October 25th

Truth or Dare (2017) vs. Truth or Dare (2018)

October 28th

Movie Reviews Coming In November


What if I liked hearing your stories about college and your overall life? I’m not done with those blogs yet, but those will be posted every Wednesday for anyone interested.


Here is the schedule for my life blogs:


October 7th

College in COVID-19 Times

October 14th

The Truth Behind Being A Transfer Student

October 21st

Mistakes I Made When Transferring


Thank you for your support and interest! 🙂 I can’t wait to get these started!


Stay safe!


– Allyson

The Trolley Effect

All aboard the Sociology train! It’s time to talk about one of my favorite theories: The Trolley Effect. The Trolley Effect is a really fun theory/effect/whatever you want to call it. It can take many forms, many situations, and many hours to discuss it. So get your debating shoes on because talking about this in a Sociology class, could last awhile.

The Story

The Trolley Effect goes like this: You are near a platform and you have a lever you can pull. The trolley tracks split into two paths ahead and on one side (let’s say the left) is one person and on the other side (right) are three people. The trolley is coming and cannot stop and currently is on the right tracks headed for the three people. What do you do? Do you switch it to kill the one person? Or do you kill three people and save one?

A beautiful representation of the trolley effect I created

Most of the people, including me, chose to save the three people. Then my teacher changed it up on us. What if it was a loved one on the other side of the track? Would you hit three strangers to save your loved one? Or would you hit your loved one to save three strangers?


Many people in my class found ways around this problem. Here is a list of some of my favorite loopholes.

  • The trolley should continue on the three person track, someone has to notice the trolley coming.
  • Scream at the top of your lungs at the people closest to you — someone has to hear you.
  • If there’s a loved one on the tracks, call their phone, and tell them to get off them.
  • Why would this exist? No one would play on trolley tracks long like this?
  • Find a way to de-rail or stop the trolley
Real World Application

While this seems implausible, this problem is a really fun theory to mess around with. There is a real world application with this problem and it is self-driving cars. Currently, they are using this to decide what should happen if the car cannot stop and has to stop itself. (This is a really cool simulation and it let’s you decide between two events.)


The Trolley Problem is great for having fun in Sociology class and determining the morality of people. This shouldn’t ever have to happen to anyone nor should this actually be tested. But, if you ever take a Sociology class now you can find fun and new ways to get past this problem or present this problem.

Jay Jay the Jet Plane

Recently I decided it would be fun to walk down memory lane and visit some of the past movies or TV shows that I watched as a kid. And yes, this blog, I’m deep diving into Jay Jay the Jet Plane.

As a kid, I watched this rarely, but I remember the image of Jay Jay and his friends so vividly. They were animated planes of different colors with some weird looking faces. As a kid, I never realized how scary the faces were on the planes because that’s not what you pay attention to as a child. Rather, I was focused on the bright colors and the plot. I decided to choose one episode and the one episode I could find was “Catch the Buzz”.

The Animation

Jay Jay the Jet Plane was created in 1998 and ran until 2005. IMDB reports that there were around 3 seasons and roughly 86 episodes. Yet, if there were 3 seasons and it ran for 7 years, why didn’t they spend more time on the animation? I understand budgeting comes into play but the animation is a factor that they could’ve spent more time and effort on. Some of the planes motions are downright terrifying to look at now as well as the faces. While making planes and helicopters more realistic is a cool idea, it doesn’t work for these planes. There’s something wrong about the eyes, but I’m not an expert on how to fix it, so I’m not going to suggest any solutions.

On the other hand, the animation was great for its time and the backgrounds of some scenes aren’t bad to look at. There are far worse animations than this one which is what is important to keep in mind.

The Messages

This brings me to my next point: the messages that Jay Jay the Jet Plane get across. In “Catch the Buzz”, Big Jake has a problem and can’t fly with Jay Jay. Jay Jay believes that Big Jake doesn’t like him because of the problem. Tracey, the pink plane, tells Jay Jay that if he was a good friend, Jay Jay would try to help Big Jake. While as a kid, I don’t remember comprehending this or even seeing this episode. This lesson though is such an important lesson that kids need to learn. If a friend is absent for a little bit or has to cancel on plans, they might have something else going on in their lives. Shows nowadays can focus on these topics, but nowadays focus more on potty humor, imagination, or controversial ideas.

The Songs and the Voice Acting

At first, I found some of the voice acting annoying, but after watching one episode I realized it was better to have funny accents than to have the same bland tone throughout. Therefore, I will say, that the voice acting is pretty great.

And while I’m not the biggest in Jay Jay’s songs, they are quick and simple for kids to remember.

The Rating

Overall, I give the Jay Jay the Jet Plane series a 5.6/10 stars. The message of the stories are good, the voices are great, and we, as a grown audience, need to remember that this show isn’t targeted at us. We have to look through a different lens and see how and why kids would enjoy the show.

The Talent Fairy – Daniel Thrasher

Oh. My. Gosh. I think I found the Internet’s best video and it comes from a dude who popped up in my recommended named Daniel Thrasher. At first I thought, “Why would YouTube recommend me a pianist when I don’t even look up piano on YouTube?” Then, I finally tried one of Daniel’s videos and I wasn’t disappointed. 

Daniel Thrasher makes small little skits that revolves around piano and all things music. In his videos, he has sponsors, in which he also does little skits for (and they too are amazing, there’s one video where he makes two doves kissing in a heart out of balloons for the ad, Audible). 

The video I ended up watching first was “When the talent fairy comes”, and the thumbnail is Daniel, in a dress, holding a colorful umbrella, with a star at the end of the umbrella (don’t worry, I’ll attach the video). And where to begin with this video?

I wish the talent fairy was real and blessed me with talent. From the pink shades to the voice of the talent fairy, I wouldn’t be disappointed if the talent fairy was Cinderella’s fairy godfairy. Daniel, also, is an amazing pianist and after the talent fairy blesses him, the quick snippet of what he plays on the piano sounds great. But I forgot one thing.

The talent fairy has the smallest wings and the turn back from leaving also adds to the video. And what the talent fairy “blesses” Daniel with next is also very hilarious. I agree that once you find talent or get blessed with it, a few things come with too. For example, crippling self-doubt, yes. Currently, I’m learning to sing, and my voice teacher told me I sound really good. What followed after she said I’m good was, in fact, crippling self doubt. 

This video/skit never fails to make me laugh or even crack a smile. So Daniel, kudos to you, I’m now subscribed and I’m in love with every single video you put out, all of them are so hilarious. 

Another cool thing about his channel, which he has started to kind of get rid of (since of copyright and the evil demonetization) is something he called #thrashertalentshow. It’s where people post on social media a video of their talent, he selects a talent for a given week, and puts it in his videos.  I think it’s a really cool touch and I’m sad that due to demonetization, he’s stopped doing it.

If you guys have the chance, please go check out his YouTube channel. It’s really funny and the videos he puts out are worth it.

Here is a link to his YouTube channel. 

And here is the video, “When the talent fairy comes,” enjoy.

Taylor Swift Old vs. New

This is a new series that I am making on the blog. It’s where I’ll compare old movies or artists to their new selves. Before I begin this blog, I would like to make it clear, I am not going after any artists or movies for their new style or their old style. This week is Taylor Swift Old vs. New, and next week for his new album coming out, I’m going to review Adam Lambert Old vs. New. My main goal with this series is just to compare and revisit the old artists and movies. On top of that, I will be showing opinion toward one of either the old or new side. I hope you guys enjoy!

Taylor Swift is a really great artist. She usually releases songs that my sister and I fall in love with. While there are some songs that we dislike, Taylor Swift has some really good songs. Recently in my dorm at college, there was a girl blasting old Taylor Swift in the bathroom. She’s the reason I’m taking this trip down memory lane, so thank you for the idea. I really enjoyed listening to Taylor Swift’s old songs that I realized none of her new songs really are as great as her old songs.

Old Taylor Swift
Image result for taylor swift's first album
Our first album my sister and I ever received. My favorite song from this album is “Teardrops on my Guitar”.

Her songs had a very pretty beat and while they were about breakups (which I don’t know anything about) they were amazing songs. I also loved her country sound to her songs. She sounded different than any other country artist out there. We would dance to her songs and while going to school, my sister and I would sing them when they played on Radio Disney. 

But, while my favorite song on Taylor Swift was “Teardrops on My Guitar,” my all-time favorite song of hers was “You Belong With Me”. Not only was this song an amazing song to dance to when I was little, but it’s still an amazing song to dance to. Whenever I feel down, all I have to do is turn on “You Belong With Me” and I’ll feel better. The music video of “You Belong With Me” is also really great and I love when Taylor Swift is going against the other Taylor Swift for MacGyver (I’m a fan of MacGyver so it was fun to recognize him from that). In her music videos, Taylor Swift also had the prettiest hair and the prettiest dresses, and I always wanted to be in one of her music videos because of that.

New Taylor swift
Image result for lover taylor swift
“Lover” Taylor Swift’s new album is like her old self but revised. While I haven’t heard all her new songs, this album is really good.

Ah, new Taylor Swift. A new version of her old music. She’s gone through Reputation and a darker phase to reach Lover. And I am loving it. Her songs on Lover are pretty great, not old Taylor Swift great, but I am in love with “London Boy”, “ME!”, and “Lover”. The beats are amazing and the lyrics in the songs are deep, just like her old music. Overall, I am impressed with this album and I cannot wait for her next album (take your time, Taylor). 

Now while I do love the majority of the album, I dislike the song “You Need to Calm Down”. While the message is wonderful and great, the beat at the beginning sounds like two other songs and the beat is also not that enjoyable. I will say, that the starting of the music video is very funny and I love the aesthetics of the scenes in the music video. The one thing that turned me away from finishing the music video, was the beat of the song. I’ll attach the music video down below.


Final Analysis?

I do love Taylor Swift and I will continue to listen to her music. Recently though, with all artists, I’ve been struggling with the clear message and not the deep words that they used to write for lyrics. While I do love the new Taylor Swift, I like the old Taylor Swift better. 

Is Writer’s Block Good or Bad?

Over the past two years, I’ve been writing more short stories and poems. I’ve also decided this November, I will be participating in NanoWriMo for my third year. Writing is super fun, and I love to do it. I love making some new classic stories that people can read, analyze, and enjoy. But, the dreaded writer’s block has struck yet again. I scrap everything I write and I have no inspiration.

Which is why I’ve decided to write the pros and cons of having writer’s block. Is it good to have a break and find your inspirations once more? Or is writer’s block the dreaded thing every writer fears?

Pros to Writer’s Block

Last year, I had a really bad spell during my creative writing class where I wasn’t able to produce any work for about a month. I lost my mojo, I lost my creative spark, I lost the reason for why I write. I tried all the methods online to stop the writer’s block because I did need to turn in pieces. I couldn’t be completely empty. But through that time I did find some peace in having writer’s block.

  • Gives the brain a break
    • Let’s be honest, our brains sometimes do need a break from the creativity.
      Image result for george r.r. martin in a hamsterball
      Here’s looking at you, George R.R. Martin
  • Lets more creativity be expressed later
  • Prevents more pieces from being created
    • What I mean by this is that with writer’s block, you have more time to focus your energy on pieces you have. You can work on old pieces and edit them to perfection. What I found when I had a creative “brain freeze” is that I kept pushing out unnecessary pieces that made no sense. They were the same story but written very poorly. By not writing for a month, that prevented me from pushing out and creating the same story, poorly written, 5 times.
Cons to Writer’s Block

There’s only really one huge con that I can think of; I want to write! I want to be able to write stories, poems, and blogs! But, it’s hard when all my work ends up going to the trash.


Those are the pros and cons I can think of. There are definitely more than these few and I will probably think of them later.

I hope you guys have a great Sunday and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow for Music/Movie Monday!

The Sirens of the Deep

This poem is based off of the sirens in the old Greek legends and stories. In the end, it brings up the question, “are there villains in our society? Or do we paint people to be the villains just so we can paint others as the heroes?”

The Sirens of the Deep

My grandpa once told me a tale of old,

Of men and women who swim and sweep,

down in the dark icy blue deep.

These creatures whose stories are told,

Etched in the lines of weak and willing bones.


These willing and weak people,

The kind and the forgiving,

turning their eyes from the darkness which is brewing,

Up to the stars in which they are shooting.


That’s not until their ankles bound,

Are pulled under, their voices drowned,

By humans that suffered less than them, sinking them

drowning them into their depths.


Are there villains in the world?

Or do we paint the villains we see?

Your villain is my hero, my hero is your villain,

So the sirens could be heroes in their very deep,

Or they could be the villains you do not want to seek.

The Top 10 Best Music Videos

Music videos can transport you to a different place or time. Sometimes, they can even change your mind or affect you for days on end. I love watching music videos because of the stories they can tell. Sometimes, they can even add to the music and make you fall in love with a song even more. I will have honorable mentions listed toward the end, WatchMojo style (if you’ve ever seen those videos). No rap is included in this list.

10. “Popular Song” by MIKA ft. Ariana Grande

The chorus to “Popular Song” is a remixed version of the song “Popular” from Wicked, an amazing Broadway musical. Wicked is the story of the Wicked Witch of the West and the Good Witch in Oz and how they came to be. “Popular Song” follows how popular people in the past that lived off popularity, now aren’t living the best life. Instead of dealing with popularity, it’s better to be who you are and strive toward future goals.

This music video is really fun to watch as MIKA and Ariana Grande work together to plan a party for their “popular” classmates. This music video accompanies the lyrics and sound really well and it helps strengthen the message. The ending is adorable to the music video as MIKA realizes that he destroyed young Ariana Grande’s castle and he turns to stone. The makeup and the costume design is also really fun and adds to the affect.

9. “Break Free” by Ariana Grande FT. Zedd

This song is about being free to do whatever you want and not to be held back by whatever is holding you back. Ariana sings about how it’s her path to “break free because she can’t resist it no more.” This goes off on how she can’t resist who she wants to be and her goal to get there.

The music video has a space theme as Ariana takes you to outer space. She frees people from cages then moves on to having to save herself. The video ends with Zedd and Ariana Grande partying with all the people she saved on a spaceship headed off into the galaxy. This video is very spunky and is also a delight to watch. While I usually am picky about CGI, the CGI is a cherry on top of the music video because of how well it is incorporated and used. This music video is definitely a fun one to watch on repeat and it’s another great example of how music videos should be done.

8.  “Love You Like A Love Song” by Selena Gomez

What a cute music video and song. Basically, the song starts with talking about how every love song has been sung and basically this is another one. Then this song goes into how Selena Gomez loves this guy “like a love song” and how he isn’t like any other record she owns. She wants to keep putting the song on repeat and listening to it. 

This music video is really great because of the costumes and the story that follows. It starts with a person singing another one of her songs, “Naturally” pretty badly. Then, she gets up on the stage and belts “Love You Like A Love Song”. Her costumes are really pretty in all her music videos but these costumes are probably some of her best. 

7. “I Just Can’t Get Enough” by Black Eyed Peas

My sister and I use to love the Black Eyed Peas that whenever they released a new song, we would memorize it so quickly. “I Just Can’t Get Enough” is probably my favorite song from them.

While the music video is simple, the message at the beginning and the message of the song is why I included it on the list. All the lyrics are well written and all of their voices come together in a beautiful way. This is one of the Black Eyed Peas best songs and I really miss receiving new music from them.

6. “…Ready For It?” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is know for releasing love songs about breakups, ups and downs about life, and etc. This music video has a little bit of old Taylor and the new Taylor as she introduces her new album “Reputation”.  “…Ready For It?” is one of her better new songs as it introduces the world to the new Taylor. 

I chose this song not because of the meaning but because of how amazing the music video is. The movement of the music video pairs well with the tempo of the song as she walks around an alley to this cage where “Taylor” is. The Taylor in the cage has magical powers that impress dark Taylor, only until dark Taylor magically messes with the other Taylor. The cinematography is also taken very well as in the end, dark Taylor is shown with the glowing blue eyes as the other Taylor. Overall, the story moves well along and leaves viewers a chance to interpret what just happened.

5. “Mr. Toot” by Ylvis

This is the world’s most catchiest song and one of my favorite songs currently. The beat is so catchy that you wish that a Mr. Toot existed in real life. The song follows the journey of a man named Mr. Toot as he is famous around Istanbul for his instrument, the toot. Mr. Toot gets very caught up and money hungry that he reinvents himself and gets run out of town.

The music video does not disappoint with the song. The cinematography is amazing, the tempo is amazing, and this is one of the best music videos to watch if you’re feeling down. In the end of the music video, it doesn’t disappoint, because they end up crowning another Mr. Toot and dancing to the the toot’s music. (And yes, it is made from the people who brought you “What Does the Fox Say?”

4. “Laura Palmer” by Bastille

While I’ve never seen Twin Peaks, this has been one of my favorite Bastille songs because of the lyrics and because of the melody of the song. This song follows the events of the Twin Peaks show and how Laura Palmer lived her life.

Bastille music videos are some of the most entertaining music videos to watch. There is always such great thought and attention put into the music videos that help to support their music. While I don’t know if the music video follows Twin Peaks, I love the story that is told throughout the music video. I also love the old video camera filter usage in multiple parts. Watch out though when watching, a dog does interrupt the music video and scares you with barking for about five seconds. 

3. “I’m A Mess” by Bebe Rexa

I didn’t know this song existed and I’m sad I didn’t until the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. It’s a really great song and I can relate to this song for school sometimes. Everything will be alright no matter what they say, life is going to be great. This is a good song to work out to or even to just listen to on a normal basis.

The music video is well put together and the choreography is spectacular. My favorite part of the video is when they all have the flashlights and the patients are dancing around Bebe. While this music video doesn’t really have a story, the movement of the music video flows nicely, the costumes look gorgeous, and the cinematography is awesome. 

2. “Hey Look Ma, I Made It” by Panic! At the Disco

Just like “I’m A Mess”, I didn’t know this song existed until recently until psychology class. In psychology, we had to make our own albums and one of my friends put this song in their album. I was interested after she played the song, so I looked up more about it. And oh boy, it’s a lot to digest that I might talk about the meaning of this song by itself and the music video more in detail. So look out for that if you are interested.

Basically, Brendon Urie leaves home, becomes a puppet for his record label and falls into the harshness of life by starting drugs and other acts. He toward the end performs for an audience of puppets as his actual self. Then, he turns back into a puppet and gets thrown out by his record label. This music video has haunted me for a few weeks now as I feel bad for artists and the life some of them fall into.

Viewer discretion is advised.

And before I talk about the number 1 music video, I want to mention three honorable mentions for great music videos. 

“of the Night” by Bastille

Viewer discretion is advised.

“Crossfire” by stephen

“RUNAWAY” by half⋅alive

And without further ado, the number one music video…

1. “Aawake at Night” by Half⋅Alive

half⋅alive is a group I just recently found and I’m in love with all 6 of their songs. They are a new band and they are going to soon release their EP Now, Not Yet. I couldn’t be more excited to see where a band is headed. All of their songs and music videos paint such vivid pictures. “aawake at night” is the first one I found and the dancing in the music video is new and exciting. I love how they’ve carried out dancing into all of their videos now such as “still feel”, “arrow” and the one up above, “RUNAWAY” .

If you’re looking for new music or want to try a fun dance, definitely look into half⋅alive. Warning, there are flashing lights in this music video for anyone who could be sensitive to strobe or any sort of flashing lights. 


These Disney Remakes – Aladdin 2019

Recently, Hollywood has been releasing movies that are just remakes of the originals. These remakes try to put a twist on the original, scare the public, then surprise the audiences. The thing is, recently I’ve noticed how many remakes Disney, is releasing. This year Aladdin was released and in the year 2020, they are going to release Mulan

I’m a huge movie critic and I love the originals of most of the Disney movies. I recently went to go see live-action Aladdin, and there were some parts I loved and other parts I disliked. Before its release, my expectations were low since I had no clue how they could add to the cartoon Aladdin. After seeing the movie, I was impressed with the work done but I’m still a critic of it. Here is the trailer for those who haven’t seen it yet.

I was really impressed by the choreography that was done. It was by far some of the best choreography I’ve seen in a Disney movie. The choreography really brought the feeling of Aladdin alive.

The cast who brought the characters to life, were amazing, even Will Smith did well. I’m a huge fan of Robin Williams as Genie and that’s the best version of Genie, no doubt. Will Smith, while I’m not a fan of most of his movies, did a better job at being Genie than I anticipated. He brought his own twists and personality to Genie, that it was enjoyable to watch. Naomi Scott as Jasmine was one of the best choices they could’ve made because she definitely played an amazing Jasmine and Jasmine’s new song in the movie, “Speechless” is by far the best Disney princess song, other than “I See the Light” from Tangled. She did an amazing job showing how strong and how graceful Jasmine was. Then, Mena Massoud, was a true star as he played Aladdin. I admit I was worried about him as Aladdin, but he did an amazing job and by the end, I believed he was the best choice to play Aladdin.

My least favorite parts about the remake was that they got rid of the Jafar song and that Jafar repeated the same lines over and over again that Jafar was a true parrot in this remake. I did enjoy Jafar this movie, Marwan Kenzari did an amazing job portraying the villain, making me want more lines and more screen time for Jafar. I’m just sad that Disney did not deliver on that since in the original Jafar had a bigger role than just saying, “know your place” or “stay quiet” or cursing people with his staff. I did enjoy though how smart Jafar was this movie and the fact that Disney let him push someone down a well. Good one Disney. 

This is the Jafar version of Prince Ali I’m talking about when I say a Jafar song.

Another thing I disliked about the movie was most of music. Thank you, Alan Menken for the original music and for trying to put a twist to the songs. You are an amazing composer and I love most of your music, usually. I didn’t enjoy the talking in the songs, the clear autotune that you could hear in most songs, or the change in pace of “One Jump Ahead”. Another part with these songs is the weird camera movements done for most of the songs. In “Friend Like Me”, the camera was zooming all around the place and it was hard to keep up with. It was just hard to keep up with what was happening and the action taking place. Along with the fast movements in the camera, there was also the fast movements in the script where things either quickly escalated or where they got stuck on one part for the longest time (the jams). It was funny the first time and maybe the second, but when they brought it back up over and over, it was just overplayed.

Here are both of the versions of “One Jump Ahead”, the first one is from the 2019 Aladdin and the second one is from the 1992 Aladdin.

Finally, let’s talk about the use of CGI. Wow some parts were gorgeous and well done. Other times, yikes Disney, you need to slow down on your use of CGI. The CGI for Iago and Abu were amazing and they both were adorable. Iago was funny and had me loving Iago even more while Abu also brought laughs but didn’t really leave anything memorable for me to have. Also, the scene of “A Whole New World” was not that fun to watch. They didn’t travel as far and the CGI really showed through that I felt like there was a whole new world with the green screen rather than the actual world.

To the cast and crew of Aladdin, if you see this, you guys did amazing overall and you should be really proud of your work. Everything I’ve heard and seen about the 2019 version really does exemplify the hard work put into this movie. Thank you for bringing Agrabah and the story of Aladdin to a live-action version.

What do you guys think of the new Aladdin? Do you like the original or is the new one better? Let me know in the comments below.

The Girl Who Never Smiled

 A girl never to laugh or love, a girl to never smile.
Her father sent out a dove, to find someone to her beguile.
So off the dove flew, and not many came,
To help this sorrow girl and come to her aid.
So this girl never showed her teeth,
Or smiled for her kingdom to see.
Instead, she stayed forever in grief.
Never knowing what she was missing.
 A boy whose story should not be told,
Punished and worked till he felt old.
His boss sent him out with one coin a year,
Only for him to drop it down a well, one coin each year.
So one year this boy traveled the world,
With all the coins given from Mother Earth.
The well overflowed and came with,
His one coin a year and everything beneath.
 He gave a coin to a mouse who asked for alms,
A coin to a beetle for all of its qualms.
A coin to a catfish for wanting legs,
Giving him nothing for him at home.
So off to the castle, did this boy take,
Hoping to be merry and fortune to fortake.
 When the boy, he did slip in the mud,
And fell from up and up above.
The princess watching stifled a laugh,
Showering the castle in all that she had.
 So now, the boy turned oh so hot,
Married his princess, who smiled a lot.
Happy and forever ever after who thought.
This is where their storybook ending gets closed,
With the famous words, “The End”,
Now their story, the world will know.