The Direction I’m Going Now With This Blog

Now you see me… Now you don’t…


I’ve been trying to blog for years and nothing truly good ever comes to me. It wasn’t until recently when I realized my love for movies that I decided to change the direction on this blog and make my main focus reviewing movies. 


These movies may be good or may be awful, but no matter what, I will give you all the most accurate rating I can give. I will be using the star scale and making the scale be out of five, five being the highest a movie can go. 


So, when will these movie reviews be out? Sundays at 11:30 am, starting this coming Sunday, October 4th. 

Why October? I decided to choose October because I am in love with horror movies that some people might have not heard of. And what better month to do it than October?


Here is the schedule for when I will be releasing the spooky horror reviews:

October 4th

Teacher (2019)

October 11th

??? (a surprise!)

October 18th

Creep (2014)

October 25th

Truth or Dare (2017) vs. Truth or Dare (2018)

October 28th

Movie Reviews Coming In November


What if I liked hearing your stories about college and your overall life? I’m not done with those blogs yet, but those will be posted every Wednesday for anyone interested.


Here is the schedule for my life blogs:


October 7th

College in COVID-19 Times

October 14th

The Truth Behind Being A Transfer Student

October 21st

Mistakes I Made When Transferring


Thank you for your support and interest! 🙂 I can’t wait to get these started!


Stay safe!


– Allyson