The Girl Who Never Smiled

 A girl never to laugh or love, a girl to never smile.
Her father sent out a dove, to find someone to her beguile.
So off the dove flew, and not many came,
To help this sorrow girl and come to her aid.
So this girl never showed her teeth,
Or smiled for her kingdom to see.
Instead, she stayed forever in grief.
Never knowing what she was missing.
 A boy whose story should not be told,
Punished and worked till he felt old.
His boss sent him out with one coin a year,
Only for him to drop it down a well, one coin each year.
So one year this boy traveled the world,
With all the coins given from Mother Earth.
The well overflowed and came with,
His one coin a year and everything beneath.
 He gave a coin to a mouse who asked for alms,
A coin to a beetle for all of its qualms.
A coin to a catfish for wanting legs,
Giving him nothing for him at home.
So off to the castle, did this boy take,
Hoping to be merry and fortune to fortake.
 When the boy, he did slip in the mud,
And fell from up and up above.
The princess watching stifled a laugh,
Showering the castle in all that she had.
 So now, the boy turned oh so hot,
Married his princess, who smiled a lot.
Happy and forever ever after who thought.
This is where their storybook ending gets closed,
With the famous words, “The End”,
Now their story, the world will know.

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