Comparing a Dandelion to a Ski Lift… Hard or Easy?

This past week, I learned about comparing and contrasting in an essay. There are three ways to compare and contrast. We wrote down two people, places. or things, then threw them into the center of the room. Then, we had to walk into the center of the room and grab two pieces of paper and write about that. I got a dandelion and a ski lift. Two polar objects that have no relevance to each other. We then got to pick what format we wrote ours about. The block f, the point by point, or the “build up” format.

Here are the three types of formats along with the essay I wrote on contrasting and comparing a dandelion and a ski lift.


  • Block
    • The most common type of format, the block format is where you take object A or B, (for example a dandelion) and put all of the focus on that object. Then, when you introduce object B (ex. ski lift), you do a few sentences on it alone. Then, you immediately compare and contrast object B to object A.
  • Point by Point
    • The point by point format is where you take both object A and object B and find similarities and differences. Your strongest point goes last and you take object A and object B point by point.
  • The “Build Up”
    • The “Build Up” format is when there’s one huge point and you just build up on that one point you have. This can be challenging but the people in my class were able to do it perfectly.

I decided to do the block format for comparing and contrasting dandelions and ski lifts. The essay is down below :

Yellow flowers and the bare weeds with their seeds hanging onto an umbrella crowd the grassy lawns across Colorado. The bright dandelions reflect the sun’s golden smile on a hot summer day. Dandelions can survive weed sprayers, little children, and being mowed. Yet dandelions cannot survive the harshness winter brings. With the cold and unmoving air, comes children abandoning their grassy front yard filled with weeds for the harsh half-days up in the mountains skiing. Once skiing, families make their way to the mechanical machine that transports them up the mountain so they can just reset their progress; the ski lift. While dandelions can survive forever, these ski lifts stay open for ski season only and just help the weary up the snowy mountain.

Yet, ski lifts and dandelions have helped children create and reach their dreams. Little children gather bouquets of dandelions and wish on their desires and hopes by blowing the little white umbrellas into the ocean blue sky. Meanwhile, ski lifts transports some young children whose dreams are to either become Olympians or to become competitive skiers. Those dreams can be reached by the transportation in the sky or the weeds rooting up from the grassy meadows, nonetheless.