Summer is Here!

The season of summer will be here next week! Woohoo! Here’s a little poem written by my sister to celebrate the arrival of summer.


a poem by: Ana Horvath

The season of school vacation and fun,
And the big and bright, big sun,
A time to relax and play,
Longer is the length of the day.
Walking on the beach,
Or eating a juicy peach,
Biking on a mountain trail,
Or aboard a cruise about to sail,
The grass and trees are beautiful and green,
When camping it’s a beautiful scene,
The thunder rumbles and the lightning crashes,
There are tennis matches and 100 meter dashes.
And even when the summer is gone,
It never stays away for long,
And even though the tan lines fade away,
The summer memories will always stay.

All material is protected © Copyright 2018 by
All material is protected © Copyright 2018 by

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