How These Poems Got Lost

For English class we had to write these poetry books and I wrote mine about losing a book about poetry. One of the poems in this book is called how these poems got lost. If you want to see the rest of the book you can click here.

How These Poems Got Lost

I don’t know who ought to trust,

The lady on the beach is a lobster sunbathing,

Only if I must,

Or the man with a cap who’s eye was a telescope looking for nonsense

When I was looking away,

I really must say,

The accomplice of the man with the cap is very quite fast,

He snuck the book away like a robber with stolen money, running away

When I turned around I was sad to see

I lost these poems with no ease!

I looked high,

I looked low,

I guess I was too slow

Nearly I was not smart to know,

He had buried it into the sand!

The book was ruined,

The book wasn’t neat,

I was surely going to be cooked meat,

Meat fresh and ready to eat,

But I did not have time to weep,

The dots stained,

I threw the book away,

Into the ocean and off it went far, far, away,

The poems got lost because of me, you see

And this book still comes back to haunt me.

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