Meeting the Governor

Today I had an opportunity to go to a meeting with my family in Ravenbrick. I was fortunate enough to meet the governor, who was giving away grants to small businesses starting up in Colorado. My sister and I took photos of the wonderful event.Meeting the Governor

Ravenbrick is a small window company that makes smart windows. There are two panes with a thin film in between. The film is magical. When it is hot the color changes to keep the inside of the house cool. When it is cold, it doesn’t change and the heat is trapped inside your home. Ravenbrick was one of the recipients for the grants. After the meeting we snacked on blueberry scones and orange juice.

After the delicious snack break we went to meet the governor. He was very sweet and funny. We talked for a little bit and then it was time to go. Overall, the experience was wonderful because I got to attend a press conference. I also toured my first high-tech factory. And most importantly, I got to meet the governor. I am looking forward to going to these many other places and meeting wonderful people.